BCM310- Research Project & Written Reflection

Final Research project = click here to hear podcast 

Written Reflection 

Project Experience

Creating a research project for the subject BCM310 proved to be an awarding but challenging experience. Choosing a topic demonstrated to be a difficult process, particularly choosing an interesting and engaging subject to explore. However I was able to come to the decision, to research into the topics from week two – The self, focusing on the influence of a micro-celebrity, an area that I thought would benefit my future career choice of marketing. During the experience of the project I was able to learn how to use new media platforms such as garage band and sound cloud to produce a podcast. Allowing myself to take away experience and knowledge in a field where I have no real practice, especially learning and adapting new skills and problem solving techniques that will benefit my future career. The guided timeline from our project proposal, demonstrated to be a positive outcome, as it allowed myself to keep track of where I was  up too and what needed to be done in the following weeks. Thus allowing myself to make sure that all requirements where met for this research project, without rushing or running out of time when challenges arose.


Research Process

In order to conduct my research project I chose to use four academic journals in order to compare and analyse my survey findings. This was determined in order to create a digital artefact with balance views and perceptions. The original plan was to conduct interviews and surveys to create data for the topic. However after presentation week for our proposal, it was suggest to me to focus on one element, with this being said I chose to follow through with a survey. This would allow me to focus and compare micro-celebrities with traditional Hollywood stars. Nevertheless it was brought to my attention to only ask students from the subject of BCM310 to answer my survey, which was posted on the BCM Facebook page and through Moodle. However challenges arose with regards to receiving a diversity of ages to respond, while also trying to gain enough response needed to analyses the data. Because of this limitation, I needed to do extensive research into other conducted studies to compare and analyses the topic, particularly the difference between a micro- celebrity and Hollywood celebrity regarding their influence on consumer’s behaviour.

Format choice

The original format choice for this research product was going to be a digital artefact in a form of a video. However after recording bits and pieces of the research it soon became apparent that a video wasn’t going to suit the research topic. This was demonstrated when the video started going over the recommend time frame. The decision was made to change the format to a better-suited platform, that being a digital podcast. Thus enabling me to present a more detailed analysis of the topic, without going over the time frame. There are many pros of using a podcast for this research project; it allowed myself to create an easy and convenient connection towards my audience. However limitations where presented, particularly the issue of presenting to much information in one podcast. Meaning the audience might switch off especially without images to keep you engaged. Consequentially I made the choice to make sure that I was using techniques of background music, different voices and voice tones to keep the audience engaged throughout.

 References used in podcast

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Background music

Morning Light Music, 2016, Whistle and Clap [recorded by Matthew Torres], on Fun Songs.vol 1, Audio file, ITunes: 19th April



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