Introducing myself to the world of BCM110 , week one

Howdy there I’m chelsea and it nice to be typing to you !
How to introduce myself ?, well lets see . i think dot points are in order

– Im 19 years old.
– Born overseas in the nation called South Africa . Though i was considered a citizen of United Kingdom and held on to this identity until recently two years ago i became an Australian , which was due to me attending uni . so now I’m a true blue.
– i succeeded in buying a dog over break , the beautiful skye.
– I try to be organised but we all know thats not my strong suit.
– wishes she can wear pj’s to uni everyday but knows she shouldn’t.
– I’m a second year student who recently just got accepted into studying a double degree , why i chose to do this to myself who knows. But its all very exciting stuff. So my official title I’m studying is a Bachelor of Creative Arts (graphic design) and a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies.
– extremely passionate about photography , Art and history.
– For an art student , I’m a horrible drawer .
– im afraid of christmas beetles
– If i where to add up how many hours I’m on the internet it would be close to at least 12 + hours.
– im a expert day napper
– you will probably catch me hailing for a 3rd person for free car pool , don’t deny it you have tried it , or you will . desperate time calls for desperate measures.
– i live for coffee

So thats me , until next week BCM110
signing off … Chelsea 🙂