Week 11 – Interim feedback(Select stage)

In week 11 we were giving the task to present our designs that are up to the select stage of the design thinking process by Ambrose and Harris . With the main aim to gain advice on what is needed to be approved upon , ready to handed in for week15 due date. After presenting all my designs that where created over the last serval weeks. Below is the following feed back received from both Gregor and Angelina


  • it was commented that my process shows a  Such comprehensive journey will have lots of visual impact.
  • commenting that for the grad show in my case the more designs i show of my process the better “The more on display the better!We want to present stuff that is comprehensive, the top 40 hits”.
  • they commented that working within the Pokemon teams was a clever idea claiming “Working in teams and characters with tagline have helped a lot”.
  • they said the next step now is just to and selected my best design design and Simply fine tuning kerning, scale and proportion.
  • They also commented that my next act is to add a Social media dimension- shareable gifs, memes, pop up characters and posters within Pokémon go. Now what can I really do with them in terms of social media- have fun! . stating that its clever and fun
  • Focus now on refining graphic elements. Presentation works well as basis of final report.

After this response i  decided on selecting the designs on the teams and character design , with the capsules in the background. After presenting these ideas it became clear that this design strategy was the   most effective and worked with the design brief . From here i will now implement my design so they are perfect . Once this is done i will now create and design social media aspect to this project , creating a fun sharable environment with a very important message.

Critical incident = Adding a shadow effect on the team logos , while also changing the opacity of the capualues in the background on the posters. Thirdly playing with the  colour of text , to match the background colour.



Mid recess break (design – prototype) & week 10

During this week break (mid session – recess) my main aim was to create and work on my previous draft posters , constantly making sure I’m evolving my designs , making the type and illustration elements work together.  I decided to use the same colours and style keeping with the vintage feel within each design. The first step before creating any more poster design or images ,  as suggested by Gregor  , was to work on developing campaign copy , making sure the copy related to the main idea of Harm prevention and pill testing in Australia . The following phrases below are campaign copy i brain stormed.

  1. Stop, think and test
  2. test can save your life,give it a chance
  3. the test is best , don’t listen to the rest
  4. push for the test , heck lets just say yes
  5. stop the harm , its time to accept a pill checking test
  6. why risk it , when you can test it
  7. Be brave, be smart, get real, drug testing can save lives
  8. Pill testing isn’t a radical idea, its basic harm reduction
  9. Make an informed choice, choose to test
  10. No more overuses, there is no more excuses
  11. Over the tension, its time to act on harm prevention
  12. Do what’s best, come do a pill test
  13. Can I have your Attention, pill testing can be a way for harm prevention
  14. Don’t stand still, just go and test your pill
  15. Get the worry off your chest, go take the test


After further evaluation of the phrases i came away with two standouts that i believed would stand out within the project and relate well with the design and project aim. These are :

  1. Get the worry off your chest, go take the test
  2. Over the tension, its time to act on harm prevention

Critical incident = choosing to change the sub tag line , in the poster campaign , to “over the tension , its time to act on harm prevention”

From here i made different version for the poster campaign , making sure to explore all the different aspects of the same theme. After intensive research it became clear that using just the game icons found within the game of Pokemon wasn’t going to work properly , so i decided to step away from this idea (as found below).


As a result I went back to researching more about the game .This is where i came across a few websites that started talking about the different teams in the Pokemon go app . As i kept reading their site , they author started talking about what team you as a player should chose. In the game their are three teams available in which you as the player can choose from.  While doing so different  blog post, kept popping up regarding what teams to choose when playing the game . From reading the team qualities from a few blog post  , it suddenly became clear that i could potential use the Pokemon teams in order to relate their qualities to pill testing. That maybe i could combine these two elements giving me  me the main text and colour scheme for the poster , while incorporating the one of the two phrases above.

The Three teams

  1. Team instinct :They believe in trust and intuition, believing that  Pokemon are excellent with their intuition,they represent the belief in oneself
  2. Team valour : Their motto is to be the very best you have to train for it ,to gather knowledge and resources before gaining success , to pursue and know your strength , and perseverance.
  3. Team mystic : Interested in evolution , the science behind what makes Pokemon tick , they are convinced that keeping calm is all it  takes for success , that to seek power in wisdom

critical incident = choosing to design the poster campaign around the notion of the Pokemon team , rather then the icons found within the app.

The Frist Prototypes: 



After creating quite a few copies of these style, it became clear that this style / design will work within my set brief . Though i want to further adapt on this design making sure to include capsules and pills , to highlight and reference the idea of pill testing ,making this more visible within each design.

Critical incident  = adding the capsules into the background of the poster design , in order to bring reference to pill testing


After further development ,  from the images from above it became evident for me to incorporate capsules into the posters, to emphasis the notion of drug abuses and pill testing,  creating symbolisms within the image .  This time i decided to take a different approach to the team posters, trying out different and new layouts.


After looking back at the previous posters made , it made sense to fix and change my campaign copy. In order to focus the communication message back to the notion of harm prevention. Since this project is aimed to prevent further harm at festival grounds while teaching the general public. Changing from get the worry off your chest to > over the tension , its time to act on harm prevention. This campaign copy is making light of the situation of the general public worries concerning pill testing in Australian music festivals. This is because their have been so much concern and debate over the issue of pill testing.

From this , i went back to my first initial design and worked on them again.To see if i could improve their designs , with what i have previously designed. I wanted to incorporate the same themes and colour back into my posters , from this i decided to add back the original speech bubble. Bringing reference back to the original game of Pokemon. but after further develop it become clear that this design strategy wasn’t going to work as well as i thought it would

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-11-03-55-am      screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-11-03-38-am                    screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-11-03-28-amscreen-shot-2016-11-05-at-11-03-23-amscreen-shot-2016-11-05-at-11-03-15-amscreen-shot-2016-11-05-at-9-46-33-pm



What Now ?

From here I will now finalize and choose to fix the chosen poster in order to make it fit within a social media environment, creating social media designs for instagram and snap chat filters.



Week 9 – The creation of the Characters


During the weekend i spent some time creating these characters for my poster campaign. I wanted to use Pokemon characters that where highly recognisable , within the chosen target audience. After some research and from playing the game myself i knew these characters where the most known and sought after characters of the game. The bonus of these characters is that they all belong to different teams within the game of Pokemon. However my first idea was to use their colour as a way to represent different drugs found within music festivals. Particularly , focusing on the drugs of Ecastay , weed, ice, and LCD. After creating these characters i felt best going with the characters of Pikachu , Squirtle and Charmander , i believe these characters will gain the most attention as they have a more distinctive outline and vibrant colours that i could use to be incorporated into a poster series.

Critical incident = Choosing to eliminate bulbasaur from the poster series , and stick to three characters  based on their status and recognition.  Secondly, deciding to use a black outline around the illustration of the characters

Week 9-The first drafts (ideate stage)

This week i created three posters draft of Pokemon icons and characters in my ideate stage , these conisted of:

1. Pikachu, the idea to corporate characters as a way for the target audience to relate to the campaign and to create a comfortable push towards pill testing.beginning-10-01

2. The Pokestop – a way to highlight to festivals goers where they might find pill testing locations or areas that contribute to pill testing , a way for festival goers to find a pill testing centre


3. Pokeball – To illustrate health centres found on the festival grounds, with the aim to make the pill testing centre inviting for an individual to visit the centre without fear. By using the poke ball creates a connection between viewer and Pill testing. In a fun inviting way


4. A redesign of the first draft- The aim of this was to make the character Pikachu look like a ninja , a person who fight crime agaisnt drugs . I was looking to see if i could this character as a advocate for pill testing.


After showing these design and ideas to Gregor it was suggested that i need to think about the characters and how they relate to pill testing eg. creating characters to be put under the heading of different drugs that are found at festivals or under the idea of “Pokemon pill testers” when using these characters. He explained that in order to move forward i needed to think about the idea of pill testing within these poster designs and how they relate to one another . When mentioning i wanted to included the old vintage style of the Pokemon game with the idea of the speech bubble reference , he advised me that i needed to think about this whole concept more focusing on the image and the text separately ,and once this is achieved it will be easy for me to bring the whole design elements together. He stated that i needed to work on campaign copy first then move forward and try make that work with the images before anything else can be achieved .Gregor enjoyed the colours and the style that i was aiming for but he just wants me to work on the way the text and choice of type is presented , highlighting that this needs to be followed through all design in the poster campaign.

It was brought to my attention to extended my project to social media device in order to spread the message across and make this project shareable across Gen Y and X. Gregor suggest using these Pokemon icons and character and producing memes through social media / banner on instagram.

From here i will work more on my design of my posters getting the type and illustration right before moving on , while researching and designing memes or other social media ideas for the aim of making this project shareable . Plus the use of snapchat, within my project

Critical incident = making sure that my posters have a tie to pill testing , making a reference or a common connection between the two themes. Secondly, the need for better campaign copy .

For a generation based on multitaskers, were lousy at multitasking

For a generation based on multitaskers, were lousy at multitasking

Is Media multitasking making us less likely to remember or retain information? There now an overabundance of evidence that suggest multitasking is bad for your brain, productivity and stress levels. Though the concern about young people use of technology is nothing new. Scientist and academics are highly worried about the affects media multitasking can bring to a person attention span when trying to complete major tasks. Generation Y ability to attend to multiple streams of information and entertainment while studying, doing our homework, or even sitting in class has become common behavior among our generation. Our lives are full of distraction and gadgets that vibrant, flash, buzz, beep, news headlines that are limited to 140 characters, which have the ability to evolve a conversations through the form of emjois. These new ways of communicating have made their way into our everyday practice of our modern lives. Distracting us from any task we may be facing, some of us can handle it well while others tend to struggle.


It been highlighted through the News Daily that researcher John Medina a molecular biologist found that multitaskers made twice as many errors, and took 50 per cent longer to complete a single task (cited by Bowden, 2014). Medina claims that their productivity almost halved compared to people working on a single task (cited by Bowden, 2014). Though Bowden (2014) highlights that in some cases multitasking can occasionally be a good thing. Through a study conducted by University of New South Wales, a economic professor Dr . Gigi Foster found (Bowden, 2014) that multitasking might actually be good for people doing tasks that don’t require a lot of concentration. Illustrating that it reduces stress and boost productivity in task that your passionate about. However there is negative concerning the impacts of multitasking, Bowden (2014) states “the average time we spend on a task before being interrupted is just over a minute, and the average person will check their phone 150 times a day”.


In a study conducted by Stanford University found people who where able to multitask had trouble concentrating and struggled to recall information. Their research study put 100 students through a series of three selective tasks, which heavily realizes on media multitaskers. One researcher who operated this experiment Professor Cliffos Nass stated “they’re suckers for irrelevancy, everything distracts them”(cited by Gorlick, 2009). The study theory was based off the hypothesis that high multitaskers couldn’t ignore things that where happening around them. Researchers assumed this was because they where better at storing and organizing information instead (Gorlick, 2009). However what was interesting is that during the conduction of the test they where proven wrong. The high multitiaskers did a bad job at remembering a repeat pattern of a sequence of letters (Gorlick, 2009). What was interesting was their study showed that low multitaskers where able to do a great job at remembering the pattern sequence (Gorlick, 2009). They concluded that their studies proved multitasking is essential in our 21st century lives. However they acknowledge that not enough is known about how to help workers or students to multitask effectively in order to prepare young people to master the skill (Wallis, 2010, p.10).


The medical daily reported that the “human attention span shortens to 8 seconds due to digital technology” (Borreli , 2015) stating that the rise of gadgets in our digital era has led to a huge decline in our human attention span , claiming that it is now less then a goldfish. Even Microsoft conducted their own study to understand why the impact of digital technology has affected our attention spans. Their Finding revealed that the human attention span has fallen from the average of 12 seconds to eight in the space of sixteen years (Borreli , 2015) , particularly in the age bracket of 18-34 year olds. Highlighting that the average person shifts their attention between their smartphone, tablet and laptop 21 times in an hour. This suggests the human attention span is smaller due to the growing presence of these gadgets (Borreli , 2015).

For this week task I decided to construct my own small study on the concerns of our attention span, testing the above theories. To do receive and achieve the right data I needed to set up two tests. The first test was designed to test the participant’s perception and awareness. This was conducted by choosing two participants from different generations to watch the same perception video. I used my Father John Brunton aged 52(gen x ) and my brother Ryan Brunton 24 (gen y) (who both kindly gave me permission to use their name in this blog). Their task was to watch the video and report back on how many changes they found during the video. However while watching this video their were many distraction around them, the TV, my dog, cellphones going off and the home phone. I wanted to see if they could ignore these factors and concentrate on the video. What was proven is that my brother was able to focus on the task quite well; he managed to pick up the most changes within the video. While my father struggled, focusing more one the plot line of the video then the task he was given. Proving that gen y even with the distraction was able to concentrate on the task in front of him.


The second test was designed to test their multitasking abilities, by choosing a TV show they both really enjoyed. Their task was to watch both of these show and repeat a sentence back to me, a sentence that would be given at any time. The purpose of this test is to examine if a person can multitask and provide their full concentration to a job. The participant’s first TV shows was an episode from the ABC Gruen, a selection made from my father followed through with the TV show Suits, chosen by Ryan. What was shown was that my father after a short period of time, was able to repeat back a sentence to me in the right order while watching his TV show. When forced to watch my brothers TV choice, John response was quicker and correct. However, when it was Ryan turn to repeat back the sentence while watching dad selection, he was able to respond quicker and correctly. Though when watching his own selection he wasn’t able to communicate the sentence back to me in the right order. These test proved that with the existing research above younger generations are more likely to be distracted by a situation. Especially if the situation is deemed more important then the task they are trying to complete.


As always all the best

Chelsea x

enjoy this video about how phones took over our social lives





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