wk 2 research experiment !

During class we were given the opportunity to look into the technique of a memory map . The photo below  is  a image of my  work of the studio garden located at UOW . This concept of a memory map had me intrigued  in a way of using this particular technique to create my own “memory map”.  So when i got home from this session , i went onto  google and researched hand drawn maps. I came across a website called  This is the hand Drawn Map Association . This website had many great ideas that could be used for my assignment . I found a particular image that i thought was interesting called this is a map , it focus on a group of people who map  their childhood from memory. I thought this was quite a unique way of mapping , a way of gaining your audience attention . So for my next experiment i will be looking into the style of mapping ones memories and seeing the difference each individual see something .

The experiment : I had my friends Jordan and Tara take part in this experiment of mapping out our high school from their memory and seeing  what they could remember about our high school. The following images are the final product of their map .

Tara : Tara chose to draw the ariel view of our high school  , she chose to label her drawings to indicate what certain shapes are used for , just like a  key in a map . From looking at this and from debriefing with Tara , she  had left out certain elements from our school as she says she just couldn’t remember certain classroom or pathway . Tara explained the task was  interesting to look back at a place she has been for 6 years , Thought she  found it hard to recall certain elements from  high school from her memory .


Jordan: Jordan took the same approach as Tara  with the  bird eye view and  labelling her map . Though this time Jordan remembered more then what we see on Tara map.  Jordan  remembered more buildings and placed them differently from what tara displayed. She  also used colour in her map unlike tara ,  after talking to jordan she said she quite enjoyed this task i gave her .



The process  of using two people own thoughts to  display one certain place they both had  in common  was done for the purposes of me looking into the idea of mapping inner thoughts.  As i wanted to see if it would be hard trying to explain the task to the participants involved . I did find it hard to get the work back at the same time and found myself stressing over the time taken.  The two participants  did find it hard to understand the question . By understanding this fall back in this experiment i now know that this technique of mapping will be to hard and it would be easier using my own thoughts.