Research and Process Summary report

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Stage 7 learn-  (reflect)

Outline three primary references including their relevance (with at least one theoretical reference)

  1. Information Design -Kathryn Coates and Andy Ellison (2014)

Through “Information design” a design book written by Kathryn Coates and Andy Ellison (2014) prove to be a usual resources in regards to visualizing and communicating information through design artworks, providing hints and tips on the design process (Coates & Ellison, 2014,p.6). According to International Institute for Information Design (2014,p.10) they describe visual communication as the “planning and shaping of the contents of a message and the environments in which it is presented, with the intention to satisfy the information needs of the intended recipients” (cited by Coates & Ellison, 2014,p.10). Highlighting the importance of knowing who and what you are designing for, with the aim to making a clear and direct message (Coates & Ellison, 2014,p.18).

  1. Reading Pictures -David Crow (2003)

Reading Pictures’ (2003) a book by David Crow highlights the importance of a graphic designer to understand semiotics as an essential skill in designing. Highlighting the importance of designers finding “the right tone of voice or the right associations for a message”(Crow, 2003,p.56), playing with the concept of hidden set of meanings or messages signifying reality in a picture. The way we understand a message depends on how the language is being displayed, thus controlling how the viewer interprets the message and the tone of the language (Crow, 2003,p.56). Thus being an important factor in my design project, to create designs that clearly communicate the indented message through carefully selecting the right languages and images to use.

  1. Visual Thinking: For design -Colin Ware (2008)

Visual Thinking for Design demonstrates how design can be considered as tools for cognition. This book presents visual thinking as a complex process that can be supported in every stage using specific design techniques. This allowed me understand how visual thinking can impact your design, by thinking out of the square and not so straight forward, this primary research also helped in understanding the design process.


Describe 3 significant outcomes of your project: 

  1. Learning how to handle and produce large-scale design projects on a professional level.

This project has allowed me to acquire the right skills needed to produce and conduct a project on a large industrial scale. Allowing myself to produce the best quality of work I can, one that can be regarded as a professional standard. However working on a project of this scale, illustrated the importance of creating a project timeline. To ensure each design is met with the right amount of time to explore all options of the project, a technique that has been proved to be significant outcome of this design project.

  1. Designing for new platforms (Social media – SnapChat filters / Instagram feed)

This project allowed me to explore new options of design, allowing myself as a designer to think outside the box. By considering social media into this project gave myself access to create designs in a new way, a design that could be applied to modern technology through social media. Thus, impacting the way my project and visual communication message was applied to my design. Therefore becoming a significant outcome of the final major project.

  1. Learning new methods and strategies for an advertising campaign

Designing an advertising campaign proved to be a significant outcome of this design project. In order to have the right information and learn the right strategies and methods, I needed to conduct extensive research on what makes an advertising campaign so successful. By doing so, the research gathered allowed myself to learn the right tactics to use in order to make my project, an advertising campaign, a successful one. Allowing my project to reach a professional standard, something that wouldn’t happen without learning the right methods and strategies for an advertising campaign.


Describe how the design concept and final project is relevant to your career intention

The chosen design concept and the final outcome of my project is relevant to my career intention. After graduation, I wish to work in a design firm that specializes in advertising and marketing, particularly through creative design campaigning. My major project highlights my talent to work within this industry, showing to future employees that I can handle industrial scale projects, while maintaining a professional level of advertising and marketing designs. Choosing the topic of pill testing demonstrates that I can tackle challenging topics within our society, particularly on design, marketing and advertising, while also meeting project deadlines. Showing that I am capable of working under pressure and succeeding. By producing posters and social media campaigns based on fantasy characters demonstrates my ability to push my design thinking, in order to think out side of the box. Thus displaying my skills to design on a professional advertising level, a quality that is needed in the design-advertising world.

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