Mid recess break (design – prototype) & week 10

During this week break (mid session – recess) my main aim was to create and work on my previous draft posters , constantly making sure I’m evolving my designs , making the type and illustration elements work together.  I decided to use the same colours and style keeping with the vintage feel within each design. The first step before creating any more poster design or images ,  as suggested by Gregor  , was to work on developing campaign copy , making sure the copy related to the main idea of Harm prevention and pill testing in Australia . The following phrases below are campaign copy i brain stormed.

  1. Stop, think and test
  2. test can save your life,give it a chance
  3. the test is best , don’t listen to the rest
  4. push for the test , heck lets just say yes
  5. stop the harm , its time to accept a pill checking test
  6. why risk it , when you can test it
  7. Be brave, be smart, get real, drug testing can save lives
  8. Pill testing isn’t a radical idea, its basic harm reduction
  9. Make an informed choice, choose to test
  10. No more overuses, there is no more excuses
  11. Over the tension, its time to act on harm prevention
  12. Do what’s best, come do a pill test
  13. Can I have your Attention, pill testing can be a way for harm prevention
  14. Don’t stand still, just go and test your pill
  15. Get the worry off your chest, go take the test


After further evaluation of the phrases i came away with two standouts that i believed would stand out within the project and relate well with the design and project aim. These are :

  1. Get the worry off your chest, go take the test
  2. Over the tension, its time to act on harm prevention

Critical incident = choosing to change the sub tag line , in the poster campaign , to “over the tension , its time to act on harm prevention”

From here i made different version for the poster campaign , making sure to explore all the different aspects of the same theme. After intensive research it became clear that using just the game icons found within the game of Pokemon wasn’t going to work properly , so i decided to step away from this idea (as found below).


As a result I went back to researching more about the game .This is where i came across a few websites that started talking about the different teams in the Pokemon go app . As i kept reading their site , they author started talking about what team you as a player should chose. In the game their are three teams available in which you as the player can choose from.  While doing so different  blog post, kept popping up regarding what teams to choose when playing the game . From reading the team qualities from a few blog post  , it suddenly became clear that i could potential use the Pokemon teams in order to relate their qualities to pill testing. That maybe i could combine these two elements giving me  me the main text and colour scheme for the poster , while incorporating the one of the two phrases above.

The Three teams

  1. Team instinct :They believe in trust and intuition, believing that  Pokemon are excellent with their intuition,they represent the belief in oneself
  2. Team valour : Their motto is to be the very best you have to train for it ,to gather knowledge and resources before gaining success , to pursue and know your strength , and perseverance.
  3. Team mystic : Interested in evolution , the science behind what makes Pokemon tick , they are convinced that keeping calm is all it  takes for success , that to seek power in wisdom

critical incident = choosing to design the poster campaign around the notion of the Pokemon team , rather then the icons found within the app.

The Frist Prototypes: 



After creating quite a few copies of these style, it became clear that this style / design will work within my set brief . Though i want to further adapt on this design making sure to include capsules and pills , to highlight and reference the idea of pill testing ,making this more visible within each design.

Critical incident  = adding the capsules into the background of the poster design , in order to bring reference to pill testing


After further development ,  from the images from above it became evident for me to incorporate capsules into the posters, to emphasis the notion of drug abuses and pill testing,  creating symbolisms within the image .  This time i decided to take a different approach to the team posters, trying out different and new layouts.


After looking back at the previous posters made , it made sense to fix and change my campaign copy. In order to focus the communication message back to the notion of harm prevention. Since this project is aimed to prevent further harm at festival grounds while teaching the general public. Changing from get the worry off your chest to > over the tension , its time to act on harm prevention. This campaign copy is making light of the situation of the general public worries concerning pill testing in Australian music festivals. This is because their have been so much concern and debate over the issue of pill testing.

From this , i went back to my first initial design and worked on them again.To see if i could improve their designs , with what i have previously designed. I wanted to incorporate the same themes and colour back into my posters , from this i decided to add back the original speech bubble. Bringing reference back to the original game of Pokemon. but after further develop it become clear that this design strategy wasn’t going to work as well as i thought it would

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-11-03-55-am      screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-11-03-38-am                    screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-11-03-28-amscreen-shot-2016-11-05-at-11-03-23-amscreen-shot-2016-11-05-at-11-03-15-amscreen-shot-2016-11-05-at-9-46-33-pm



What Now ?

From here I will now finalize and choose to fix the chosen poster in order to make it fit within a social media environment, creating social media designs for instagram and snap chat filters.




week 5 – design concept template




Design issue (The What): To investigate the power of typography, fantasy illustration and parody as a way to influence behavior by visually communicating a message for harm prevention, towards drug use at music festivals.


Design Context (The why): I am examining the growing concern of drug related harms at music festivals particularly Splendor in The Grass, with the aim to use design as a way to visually communicate to the their audience. With the purpose to educate the target market of the possible side affects, with the desire to push for pill testing at Australians festivals. In order to show the festivals goers how they can save a friends life by creating a safe environment where an individual feels comfortable enough to ask for help. From a design point of view Australian festivals drug campaigns and drug awareness are not working for their demographic, as a result young lives are frequently being affected from lack of awareness. This project will look at pervious drug campaigns from the government and festivals, with the challenge to rebrand and design a image-based communication campaign with visual assets, in a brand development / advertising project.


Project Form (The How): This project will develop a new branding identity for NSW Health and Splendour and the grass music festival drug campaign. Using advertising as the main project form, such as posters campaigns, leaflets, festival packages, and social media (Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat . In order to communicate through fantasy illustration, info- graphics and typography with the aim to encourage drug users to know what they are taking while encouraging pill testing in Australia.


Background Information: The primary focuses for this major project is too use illustration and typography as a way to investigate if fantasy illustration and parody can be used to influence behavior as a message for harm prevention. The project topic is based around the affects of drugs on the youth particularly the drug usage found at popular music festivals such as Splendour in The Grass located in Byron Bay NSW. Study has found that Australia is the worst leaders for dug use (Ting, 2015) , particular at music festivals. Where drug related death has become a growing problem for young Australians (The cabin, 2016). The project rebrand / advertising will communicate a message clearer to music festivals demographic target audiences, by catching their appeal in popular culture. The project references the work of the significant sources of Kathryn Coates and Andy Ellison (2014) who wrote “information Design” and “Reading Pictures” by David Crow (2003) through the use of semiotics in design. This project is also referencing New South Wales health and wellbeing drug campaigns as the main project reference.



ARTIFACT: The project aim is to rebrand the NSW drug awareness campaigns and the limited drug awareness at Splendor In The Grass. Creating a campaign, that targets and promotes how to save a friends life while attending a music festival, which could hypothetically be applied to all music festival in NSW. The aim is to reach a high standard, attractive and catchy campaign that ensures to capture the target audience in order to create a safe environment within the festival for individual who chooses or may not choose to take drugs.


Using social media as the main platform for this project will create the basis for the advertising campaign. This will allow the target audience to be notified and engaged within the brand and visually be aware of the drug issue.


The poster campaign will take the form of a parody series using will known characters in Disney, Pixar and Warner Bros as a way to highlight how to save a friends life, with the idea for them to feel confortable to receive help. Using visual illustration with the attempt to visually communicate how an individual is taking a life risk (causing harm). Highlighting that life isn’t a fantasy that bad things do happen and its okay to ask for help when it is needed without the fear of being judge or fined.


This project will also entail a form of info-graphics that will be found around the music festival and online festival packages. This will help to bring awareness to the signs of symptoms when taking drugs and whether the drug your experiencing has gone wrong and when to ask for help and where. Bringing awareness to the drug facts using fantasy and typography as a way to convey awareness to the health issue aimed at the target audience.


Design Medium justification: I believe the use of illustration and typography will allow me as a designer to visually communicate a message for harm prevention in order to target the demographic. To create a campaign that has the power to create awareness and be more memorable within the audience. This will be done in the from of a parody illustration and social media. Social media allows the audience to feel part of the campaign, ensuring that the message is being visually communicated and soaked in with the audience. In attempt to create a safer and more enjoyable environment at music festival, with the hope that it will prevent serious harm to individual who take drugs.


Aiming to encourage festivalgoers to educate themselves about the substances they are consuming with the notion to encourage for pill testing in Australia. Allowing the individual to feel comfortable asking for help from festival staff and paramedics. Thus limiting the prevention of serious drug harm found at music festivals, by encouraging the individual to go and seek for help. This will be highlighted through the form of posters, info- graphics, festival packages and leaflets with the theme of fantasy. To create a message of how drugs don’t always end up with a happy ever after, by using a campaign based on humor ensures that the indented message spreads around the festival grounds.